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The play "Albatrosses" in Kyiv. The Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater presents a spectacular production of Albatrosses.

Why is it worth going to the play "Albatrosses" in Kyiv?

1. One performance – five stunning life stories.
2. Cast – the best actors of the theater.
3. New vivid impressions for an unforgettable vacation.

The play "Albatrosses" in Kyiv

The Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater presents the production of "Albatrosses" based on the play "From the Life of Minerals" by Frederic Stroppel. Bright actors, unusual situations and healthy humor are the key to a great evening in the theater. Do not miss!

Funny and beautiful stories about love and space on the stage of the Kyiv Theater of Drama and Comedy

In the production of "Albatrosses" the viewer is waiting for the most unexpected and sometimes strange turns. The storyline is built on the basis of five vivid stories, each of which at first puzzles the audience, and then "keeps" it in suspense to the end.

So, in one episode you will meet a couple who returns home from an unusual funeral of a friend. Although, then it turns out that he was not so much a friend...

The second story begins with the appearance on the threshold of the house of a wife who is dumbfounded by the news: she just gave all the acquired property to some nice young man...

Further – even more interesting. The performance will appeal to everyone who knows how to enjoy life and appreciate moments of happiness.

Director – Stas Zhyrkov.
Actors – Serhii Solodov, Svitlana Zolotko, Halyna Kornieieva, Viktor Zhdanov and others.

The language of the performance is Ukrainian.

Duration – 2 hours 40 minutes, with intermission.

Where to buy tickets for the play "Albatross" in Kyiv?

Tickets for the play "Albatrosses" at the Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater can be booked right now at

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06 September 2020 19:00

Kyiv, Kyiv Theater of Drama and Comedy on the left bank of the Dnipro

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