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Strange things begin to happen in Andre's calm, measured life. One day he notices that his eldest daughter Anna is behaving suspiciously - too often he drastically changes his life plans and confuses the facts in which he is sure. He also convinces that something is wrong with him. Perhaps the heiress planned to evict him from his home and take the apartment, so she tries to deceive him.

Everyday life is changing, hiding the truth further and further. Life's facts are inexplicably intertwined, the sense of time works differently, and consciousness is no longer able to grasp it all. Andre talks to his daughter about her departure for her beloved husband, and then a stranger comes into the house and says that he and Anna have been married for 10 years. Wait. Who is that man? Who does Anna go to then? Which of the following is true? And why does the daughter treat him differently every time, and her husband changes his face? Strange things in Andre's life are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from reality. So what really separates him from the truth? The answers to all the questions lie in a fairly common phenomenon that each of us is at risk of encountering.

The cult play by Florian Zeller, translated by Ivan Ryabchiy, directed by Stas Zhirkov, with an incredible cast. For the first time in Ukraine!

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