Take everything from life

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Why should you go to the play "Take everything from life"?

1. Replicas of the characters will be disassembled for quotations.
2. Provocative topics, lively discussion - it will be interesting.
3. Good life humor will lift your spirits.

The Golden Gate Theater invites you to the comedy play for adults “Take everything from life”. Awesome cast and non-trivial plot, come!

Speech in the performance will go about the work of our contemporaries Papa Bo and Ruslan Gorovoy - public figures and bloggers. Talented actors vividly describe to the viewer the stories of ordinary people living with us nearby. They are representatives of different professions and occupations - a housewife and a bus driver, an astrologer and a student, a model and a psychologist. Living in small cities, they are trying to "squeeze" the maximum out of their life.

The performance provokes and cheers, provokes discussion and does not leave indifferent. Do not wait for the classic "netlenki." "Take everything from life" - something new.

Director - Tatiana Gubriy.
The roles are performed by Vitalina Bibliv, Vladimir Kovbel, Inna Kalaba, Vladislav Onishchenko, Orest Shepherd, Nikita Slobodenyuk and other talented actors.

Duration - 80 minutes, without intermission.
Waiting for you!

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