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Take everything from life

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Why should you visit the performance "Take everything from life" in Kyiv?

  1. Consider everyday life through the prism of modern art.
  2. To recognize one's own experiences in the characters of the play.
  3. Know pain from laughter and laughter from pain.

Humor and everyday life in the play "Take everything from life" in Kyiv

Life comedy of the best chamber theater of Ukraine "Golden Gate" will present everyday life with a new sauce. On the stage are ordinary people: a housewife, a minibus driver, a student, who will live their small everyday stories before your eyes. Unsurpassed humor, juicy jokes and crumbs of profanity made the play close to the modern audience.

Discussions 16+

The performance is provocative, because it is based not only on the works of the classic mastodons, but also on the texts of contemporaries. Including:

  • Tatusya Bo is a blogger, journalist, author of three children's books and co-author of the publication "Anthology #YakZdrasti";
  • Ruslan Horovy is a journalist, documentary director, writer (author of 11 collections of short stories), author of the "Child Tracing Service" project.

The director of the play is Tetyana Gubriy, a student of the famous Ukrainian theater director Stas Zhirkov.

Actors: Vitalina Biblev, Inna Kalaba, Volodymyr Kovbel, Vladyslav Onyshchenko, Orest Pastukh, Anton Solovei, as well as Khrystyna Lyuba, Artem Plonder, Nikita Slobodenyuk and Darya Tverdokhlib will live the play on stage for you this evening.

Duration: 90 min. (No intermission)
Age restriction: 16+

Where to buy tickets for the performance TAKE EVERYTHING FROM LIFE in Kyiv?

Tickets for the performance TAKE EVERYTHING FROM LIFE in Kyiv can be purchased on the Concert.ua website. Order online or with courier delivery.