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The play "Proximity" in Kiev. The Kiev Drama and Comedy Theater presents a vibrant contemporary production of "Proximity".

Why is it worth going to the performance "Proximity" in Kiev?

1. Make an attempt to understand the difficult relationships of the heroes.
2. Completely immerse yourself in a stormy plot.
3. Inspire the brilliant game of talented actors.

The play "Proximity" in Kiev

We invite you to the Kiev Drama and Comedy Theater for the production of "Proximity" based on a play by Patrick Mamber. The authors defined the genre of the play as “adult games”. Wait for a frank narration about the relationship of modern men and women.

Adult games on the stage of the Kiev Drama and Comedy Theater

By the example of the relationship of two pairs, the authors of the play will show what sometimes complex and intricate nodes form when the very “adult games” begin.

Young pen master Dan is seduced by stripper Alice. But Dan has views of Anna, a fashion photographer. And in the game - Larry, a true macho. Anna is his girlfriend, but the guy is able to meet with Alice at the same time ...

Confusion cannot be avoided. And to unravel the complex tangle of relationships lovers can not do. Falsehood, resourcefulness and misunderstanding appear. And what will be the denouement? - Oh, she will surprise you!

Director - Tamara Trunova.
Actors: Lesya Samaeva, Sergey Detyuk, Anastasia Logvin, Ekaterina Savenkova, Andrey Isayenko and others.
The language of the performance is Russian.
Duration - 2 hours 10 minutes, with intermission.

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Proximity ...

30 September 2020 19:00

Kyiv, Kyiv Theater of Drama and Comedy on the left bank of the Dnipro

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