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Georg Ots

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Premiere of the author's monoplay "Georg Ots" on the stage of Stage_lab

Monograph for 1 act

This is a performance-memory of an outstanding, but now almost forgotten, opera singer - George Ots in the original interpretation of the director Alexander Bilozub and soloist of the National Operetta, author of the text - Dmitry Sharaburin.

Georg Ots had a mesmerizing lyrical baritone and performed both pop hits and complex opera arias with ease and skill. The role of Mr. X in the film adaptation of Imre Kalman's operetta "Circus Princess" made him an idol of millions and a living legend. In the 50s and 70s of the last century, his records were in almost every family.

"When we put on an old vinyl record, the voices of great people from the distant past reach us through noise and crackling. On the operetta stage, we will try to recreate this unique retro atmosphere, bring Georg Ots back to the present and show unknown scenes from his life, ”says Oleksandr Bilozub.

Ots's repertoire included parts of the best operettas that are performed today in theaters around the world, including the National Operetta of Ukraine - "Gypsy Baron" by J. Strauss, "Merry Widow" by F. Legar, "Countess Maritsa" by I. Kalman, Kiss me, Kate! ” K. Porter.

"This is a performance-restoration, a tribute to the outstanding singer, so his most famous arias, operettas and songs performed by talented vocalist Dmitry Sharaburin will be performed," the director concludes.