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If we could move in space and time, then our ancestors would call us very boring.

It is not surprising: everything has been agreed with us, verified every minute, everything is planned in advance. Yearning! But take, for example, Georgia of the 19th century! Eeeh! After all, Hanume alone was enough to turn the whole city upside down, weave a love affair, boil hot passions, mislead the prince, summon a rival to a duel and, circling it around the finger, have time to arrange everything without forgetting about yourself. After all, where does it say that the duties of a matchmaker include only caring for others?

So, if you are ready for adventures and are able to look at things outside the box, then the lessons of Khanuma are for you. Take notebooks and take notes of all her cunning steps ... though, stop! No plans and notes! Everything is spontaneous, everything is at the behest of the heart and all in one gulp to the bottom! Unless - a couple of toasts are behind you, because at the Georgian festival in the theater, filled with vivid characters, vivid characters, sound of voices of charismatic vocalists of the theater, humor, dancing and music - you cannot do without good toast!

For dear guests!

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