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"Cold heart". Christmas Tale for the whole family

Every day the New Year is getting closer, and the world around is becoming more and more mysterious and fabulous. They say that desires are being fulfilled at this time - even the beloved Disney fairy tale suddenly comes to life! From December 29 to December 30 in the October Palace all the most familiar and wonderful characters will come off the screens to give you the most unforgettable impressions and a piece of real magic. You can buy tickets for the New Year show “Cold Heart” in Kiev right now using our website.

In this story, the heart of the "Queen" - Elsa - does not become an insensible ice, because relatives and friends remain next to her. Anna immediately goes in search of his beloved sister, accompanied by the simple country boy Christophe, his deer Sven and the revived snowman Olaf. On the way they will meet a lot of unusual things - cold winter mountains, wise trolls wizards, mean intrigues of enemies and, of course, magic - in every snowflake! Come - arrange a real winter holiday for the whole family.

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