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Crispy and magical rocket. Cosmix

21.05 - 28.06 Events: 28
Kyiv Planetarium Kyiv, vulytsya Velyka Vasylʹkivsʹka, 57/3
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Program for children "Crunchy and magical rocket. Kosmix" in Kyiv will be held at the Kyiv Planetarium.

Why should you go to the program for children "Crunchy and magical rocket. Kosmix" in Kyiv?

  1. Incredibly interesting educational films for the smallest viewers.
  2. An unforgettable journey through outer space with the help of modern technologies.
  3. A vivid event that your boys and girls will never forget.

Program for children "Crunchy and magical rocket. Kosmix" in Kyiv

The Kyiv Planetarium invites young viewers to watch the interesting films "Crunchy and the Magical Rocket" and "Cosmix"! Children will be delighted to watch the incredible adventures of the main characters and then share their impressions with you for a long time to come. Give your obedient children a special leisure time!

Incredible impressions that you will want to share with everyone

The Kyiv Planetarium has prepared a special program for its dear guests. These are two excellent educational films:
  • "Crunchy and magical rocket." The heroes of the amazing story are inquisitive Khrumko and his friend Kunya. They go on a space journey on a magical rocket with a robot guide. Friends will explore distant planets and their satellites, learn how a solar eclipse occurs, overcome the dangerous asteroid belt and even meet a comet. The duration of the film is 32 minutes. Age category – 5+. Production of Ukraine (2019);
  • "Cosmix". While watching this film, children will feel like real astronauts: they will learn about the stages of preparation for a space flight, they will jump from a centrifuge right into a rocket that will take everyone to the International Space Station. And also - they will learn to live in space: to cook, wash, sleep, use the toilet. And of course, a bright homecoming awaits everyone! The duration of the film is 14 minutes. Age category – 5+. Production – Czech Republic-India (2018).
Come for incredible experiences!

Where to buy tickets for the Children's Program "Crunchy and Magical Rocket". Kosmix" in Kyiv?

Tickets can be purchased online at Concert.ua.