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Rock Band, Projections and 1000% Hits!

The artistic project of the ARTSPACE Kyiv Planetarium and the experimental band Sergey Likhomanenko's Eclectic Sound Orchestra have created an unforgettable program from world hits since the beginning of the 20th century. to this day. It was these compositions that created contemporary world music culture.

Incredible emotions for connoisseurs of modern music, orchestral sound and inflammatory bite. Only selected hits in modern furnishings. From Louis Armstrong, Metallica to Rammstein, Madonna and Lady Gaga. Apparently, the only orchestral concert on which it is difficult to sit on the ground, dancing in rhythms in tact. The atmosphere will be supported by incredible projections on a dome measuring 830 sq. M.

Who would be interested?

All fans of modern music. Most of the songs are hits of the last 20 years. At the show, you will not be able to fall asleep, because the instrumental sound of the orchestra accompanies the playback with synthesizers, rhythm section and DJ samples.

The concert will be especially interesting for young people. It is on this show that the orchestra will appear in an unusual role - the rock band, which destroys the stereotypes that orchestral music is boring and uninteresting.

The main "chip" and the uniqueness of the show is, of course, projection 360 at the dome of the largest Planetarium of Ukraine. Fantastic projections create unforgettable impressions and the effect of full immersion in the musical space.


Eclectic Sound Orchestra (ESO) is a new unique orchestra that is gaining popularity in Europe. The basis of the ensemble's philosophy of eclecticism made it possible to achieve fundamentally new sound, taking into account modern requirements for music.

The orchestra of Eclectic Sound Orchestra qualitatively differs from any other "traditional" orchestras. The diverse genre of music and the use of digital technology has made the Eclectic Sound Orchestra a groundbreaking and versatile orchestra for any contemporary show business needs.

Music producer of the show and conductor - Sergey Likhomanenko.

Composers and arranges:

Eugene Jacques
Yuriy Yatsyuk
Valery Finikopoulo
Vlad Solodovnikov.

Entrance to the Star Hall after the start of the concert is strictly forbidden!

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