Kaidasheva family

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Why should you go to the play Kaidasheva family?

1. Understand that there should be no place in the family for quarrels and disputes
2. To laugh through tears. And vice versa
3. Understand that Kaiads is an image of a typical Ukrainian family, learn from their mistakes

Good and evil, human dignity and freedom, family relationships and love, parents and children, faith in God and morality... About all this - in an interesting statement on the classic product of Ukrainian literature, "Kaidasheva family".

This is a statement based on the famous social and everyday story of the writer Ivan Nechuy-Levytsky. The Ukrainian work shows the everyday life of peasants. The constant dependence of the heroes on material needs leads to a "reduction" of the human soul. A disunity and lack of understanding poisons life.

Expressive folk characters, originality, vibrant dialogues, authentic customs and folk ceremonies... All this spectator will feel completely in the play "Kaidasheva family".

Comic situations are interwoven with dramatic ones. And each of them does not look far-fetched: everything is taken from the very life. On the one hand, it is impossible to refrain from laughter, observing constant quarrels of Kaidashov. Their senseless, sometimes shameless relationships are fun to tears. On the other hand, in these senseless situations one can not but see tragic accents. In the staging you are waiting for bitter laughter through tears and deep irony.

Director of the play - Vera Timchenko, Honored Artist of Ukraine.

Cast: Alexander Kukoverov, Anatoly Kovalsky, Elena Bondarenko, Antonina Bagliy and many others.

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