Vacations in the Big City

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Children's performance "Vacations in the Big City" in Kyiv. On March 25 and 29, a bright interactive performance for children "Vacations in the Big City" will be held at the New Ukrainian Theater in Kyiv.

Why is it worth going to the play "Vacations in the Big City" in Kyiv?

1. An exciting adventure for kids on vacation.
2. An instructive and fun story.
3. New acquaintances and pleasant communication.

"Vacations in the big city": a play for children in Kyiv

March 25 and 29, we invite children to the wonderful performance of "Vacations in the Big City". The presentation is interactive, so every child will be able to take part in everything that happens on the stage.

Fill your kids' holidays with positive emotions and new experiences.

In the New Ukrainian Theater – children's interactive performance "Vacations in the big city"

"Vacations in the Big City" is an amazing world of exciting adventures. Children will get acquainted with the dog Tuzik and the cockerel Pavlyk. Two friends meet during the holidays. The cockerel comes to visit Tuzik for the whole summer, but does not know at all how to behave in an unfamiliar big city.

Vacations at stake? – Not! Indeed, Inspector Petrenko comes to the aid of friends, who knows well how to behave in a variety of situations.

Where to buy tickets for the children's play "Vacations in the Big City"?

Order tickets for the play "Vacations in the Big City" at the New Ukrainian Theater in Kyiv on Give your children unforgettable moments!

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Vacations in the Big City

24 July 2020 11:00

Kyiv, Theater on Mikhailovskaya

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