Theater on Mikhailovskaya: schedule and tickets

In 1998, Vitaliy Kino (a graduate of the "director's school" Eduard Mitnitsky) with a team of like-minded people founded the New Ukrainian Theater Art Center, which currently has two theaters: the Theater on Mikhailovskaya and the children's theater Sun.

One of the first independent (non-state) theaters in Ukraine.

For many years, the theater did not have its own stage and worked at various stage venues. In 2009, the Arts Center finally opened its own stage in Kiev, in a cozy house of the 19th century, on the street Mikhailovskaya, 24 same. in Kiev.

The theater hall has 40 seats (seating is done by the administrator). The theater has an almost homely family atmosphere.

The first premiere on its own stage - the performance “Unhappy” by I.K. Karpenko-Karim, became a truly “programmatic” performance of the theater, in it the aesthetic and philosophical views of the creative team, its artistic direction, and vision of modern Ukrainian theater were confidently formulated. It was a sincere, new, “lively” reading of a famous classic. Further, the premieres based on the works of Chekhov, Shakespeare, Mirny, Zweig, Kropyvnytsky, Williams, Cocteau were successfully held. However, in the "revival" of the classics, the theater did not stop. The repertoire of the theater on Mikhailovskaya has many new names. The plays of modern playwrights N. Uvarov, R. Gorbik, N. Khalezin, V. Ribachuk, O. Zverlinoi, B. Srblyanovich, M. Smilyanets, Y. Vasyuk, dramatization of the works of T. Malyarchuk, were first staged in Ukraine precisely on the stage of the Theater on Mikhailovskaya.

From the first days of its existence, the theater has positioned itself as a theater for the whole family, and continues to confidently occupy the theater niche of "family" relaxation.

Kyiv, vulytsya Mykhaylivsʹka, 24zh