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Dakh Daughters

26 April 2024, Fri. 19:00-21:00
ICCA OCTOBER PALACE Kyiv, aleya Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni, 1
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About event

The Dakh Daughters concert in Kyiv will take place on April 26, 2024 at 7:00 p.m. at the Moscow Art Museum (October Palace).

Why should you go to the Dakh Daughters concert in Kyiv?

  1. A unique team that conquered Paris, Seattle and San Francisco.
  2. New powerful program "Peel this rock!"
  3. High-quality music, theater and boundless female charisma in one bottle.

Dakh Daughters concert in Kyiv

Dakh Daughters are charming actresses of the "Dakh" theater, which is directed by Vlad Troitsky. The members of the group play 15 musical instruments and have a wide vocal range from Ukrainian crying to extreme growling. Each composition performed by Dakh Daughters is a masterpiece that combines theater, powerful emotions and incredible stories. Testimony of the band's high level of skill are positive reviews on the pages of The New York Times and Rolling Stone.

A fantastic musical and theatrical performance on the stage of Zhovtnevoy

On April 26, the unique members of the freak cabaret Dakh Daughters will present a new big program "Peel this rock!" in the capital. An incredible action is waiting for you, designed to strengthen everyone's faith in Victory, give strength and remind you how important it is to fight and help all our soldiers. Addressing the Ukrainians, Dakh Daughters say: "And we will save Ukraine only when we all peel this rock together! The only strength is in our unity! We are all side by side, in spite of everything, going to victory and believing in it to the end! And this is our reality and the present.. So we need to find beauty, and strength, and love in this, and in every thing, in a word, in a movement, in a song to find that impetus to... And each of our coffees in the morning is for a donation And each mavik, on which everyone threw themselves 10.. And every armored car that did not let a person die.. And every roof that we installed for people, because we lost it... And Everyone ..everyone...everyone.. Each of us is important) Each of us is everyone!! Each of us is us!! Not a drop in the sea - but an ocean in a drop!!!" I'm sure you share every word, every thought. So - we are waiting for you at the concert, where we will be sad and happy, sing and dance, think about the deep and collect funds for Victory! Before meeting!

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