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Why go to Instinct?

1. Performance by the best works of the mysterious Olga Kobylianska
2. For the first time, the Ukrainian classics are so erotic and modern
3. The most beautiful actresses of the young Ukrainian troupe are waiting for you

It has long been no secret to anyone that the relations between man and woman are based on their natural INSTANCES.

The hunter's husband always aimed at satisfying his sexual needs and feeding children (it is possible for different women), and the mother-mother, instead, wanted to find a defender, to create a family. And to achieve these, to put it mildly, instinctive needs, both commonly used ephemeral weapons called BREATHING.

Everything is clear and simple. But why then so many misunderstandings and disappointments arise on this ground? Why can we relentlessly relate to "love" ties, and then unexpectedly meet someone who "wakes up"? What is behind this mystical connection? Why does someone start penetrating our dreams? Can there be more than instincts? Perhaps, still, LOVE is something else ...? In the sensual, slightly mystical and dangerous erotic performance of the director Vitaly Kino on the works of the mysterious Olga Kobilyanska, the actors of the NUT try to find out - whether the only thing to blame for is INSTINT.

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