Marusya Churai

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Marusya Churai.

The historical novel in the verses of the outstanding Lina Kostenko about the legendary Ukrainian poetess Maruse Churai was first staged at the National Academic Operetta Theater. The dramatization of the lyre-epos “Marusia Churai” is a kind of response to the request of modern society about the only possibility of the spiritual rebirth of the nation - the importance of saving and preserving Ukrainian identity.

The novel "Marusya Churai" appeared in Ukrainian literature in 1979, thanks to the amazing accuracy of the image of an entire era, became, in fact, an artistic encyclopedia of the history of the Ukrainian people of the seventeenth century.

In her novel, Lina Kostenko identifies the Ukrainian history with the image of a woman, insulted, exhausted, but not broken, but proud, preserving her own dignity. This story is thoughtful and it comprehends itself.

The work is based on the famous ballad “Oh, don't go, Gritsu ...”, the plot of which has many interpretations. The fate of a real Ukrainian girl, whose poems and songs inspired the detachments for feats in the name of Ukraine, was retold by Lina Kostenko in a lively, heartfelt poetic speech.

Maroussia is condemned to be hanged for the murder of her beloved Gryts. The girl is not guilty, the poison she cooked was intended for her herself, because she could not accept the betrayal of her beloved. Judges are implacable. Even the fiery speech of Ivan Iskra: “This girl is not just Marus. This is our voice. Is a song. This is the soul ... ”does not save the songwriter. Then, through fires and devastation (terrible battles take place near Poltava), the Cossack Spark goes to the hetman to seek intercession.

Three long days before execution Marusya remembers her whole life, as if confessing. Tired, innocent and exhausted, she is awaiting execution as a release. Getman Khmelnitsky wrote a decree of pardon, and only a moment before the execution, the messenger who arrived with a decree, has time to release the girl.

Marusya sent a pilgrim to Kiev. She sees the boundless beauty of nature and the land devastated by the war, and then, the girl forgets about personal grief, she composes songs, reflects:

“Our descendants will have to wash the sullen grief of stupidity and blood. Officials - those hard to blame. And what people hurt people ?! "

“Marusya Churai” by Lina Kostenko is a work that is extremely relevant today, there are a lot of lines that, in my opinion, reflect our time, ”says production director Sergei Pavlyuk. The sound of the performance is created by authentic singing, music that few people have heard. The genre direction of the production, by definition of the director, is close in figurativeness to the poetic theater - it is a poetic drama.

Artistic Director of the National Operetta, n. Ukraine Bogdan Strutinsky, began his career as a director by staging the works of Lina Vasilievna Kostenko, spoke with the poetess a lot. Now, in the 83th theater season, a new production of “Marusya Churai” by L. Kostenko is in the repertoire of the National Operetta of Ukraine since February 2018.

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