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Burning in the dark

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The play "Burning in the Dark" will take place in Kyiv at the National Academic Drama Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka.

Why should you go to the theater to the play "Burning in the Dark" in Kyiv?

  1. A deep play that prompts important thoughts.
  2. Subtle direction and masterful acting of the actors.
  3. A new experience for the viewer.

The play "Burning in the Dark" in Kyiv

"Burning in the Dark" is a dramatic play by the theater based on the play by Antonio Buero Vallejo. The translation from Spanish was performed by Serhii Borshchevskii. As part of the regulatory group:
  • production director and author of the musical solution Oleksiy Lisovets;
  • scenographer Oleksiy Vakarchuk;
  • costumes – Valentina Plavun;
  • sound engineer Alla Muravska;
  • assistant director Kateryna Lesyk, Svitlana Roenko.
Performers: Sofia Gushchyk, Maksym Avksentiev, Valery Gaifullin, Nikita Snisarenko, Oleksandr Kryuchkov, Elizaveta Royenko, Kateryna Meleshko, Viktoriya Lyulka, Daryna Stepankova and others.

Thirst for knowledge - should it always be quenched?

The events of the play take place in a boarding school for people with visual impairments - a rather specific place. And the problem maturing against this background is not new, but alive and painful. After all, it touches on the question of the search for knowledge and truth, no matter how destructive they may be. So do we need to know what can bring trouble, grief or even death? All this is in the theater play. The duration of the performance is 1 hour and 15 minutes, without an intermission. Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets for the performance "Burning in the Dark" in Kyiv?

You can always purchase tickets for any event online - on the Concert.ua website.

ℹ️ Useful information:

🧸 Children up to 5 years old are free only for children's daytime performances
✅ Spectators from 14 years of age are admitted to performances without adult accompaniment
🛡️ In the event of an air alarm: if the air alarm sounded before the start, visitors must vacate the theater premises, administrators direct the audience to the nearest shelter (Teatralna station). If the alarm is short-lived, the show will start approximately 20 minutes after it ends. If the alarm is in the middle of the event, the show stops, the theater employees take the audience out of the theater building: the Teatralna metro station is located next to the theater, if the alarm is short-lived (up to 40 minutes), the show can be continued after the alarm ends.

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