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Enchanting potion

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The Kapranov brothers present modern Ukrainian fantasy for the first time at the PODOLI Theater as part of the #FantasyOnScene project.

Have you noticed that Ukrainian women are not offended by the word "witch"? Well, except for the "old witch", but it's more about age. Mysticism is simply dissolved in the Ukrainian air, it dives into the Ukrainian lands and flows together with the Ukrainian waters. Even today, in the age of technology, mysticism remains a powerful force to be reckoned with by all, especially men.

Two employees of the competent authorities are given the task to put the otherworldly at the service of the state. Why not? Other psychotechnicians have long been working for the benefit of services. Well, when it comes to subtle matters - love, passion, lust - a person becomes an obedient doll. So love magic, perhaps, should take its place in the arsenal of special services.

That is why trained, trained and armed agents appear in the Ukrainian countryside, where ordinary life takes place, where they work and work, enchant and whisper, make fun of and find, enchant and seduce… And there is hardly a superagent capable of resisting such force.

The language of the play is Ukrainian
2 hours
Genre - mystical-comedy thriller
Premiere - November 18, 2021

Author - Kapranov Brothers
Directed by Serhiy Pavliuk
Production designer and costume designer - Maria Pogrebnyak
Musical design - Sergey Pavlyuk
Lighting artist - Sergei Nevgadovsky
Sound director - Sergey Shevchenko

Assistant director - Sofia Ludvichenko

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Enchanting potion

25 December 2022 16:00

Kyiv, Kiev Drama Theater in Podil

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