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The Broadway musical "Addams Family".

The most anticipated premiere of the year on the stage of the National Operetta of Ukraine! Bright Broadway musical "Addams Family" will tell a funny and witty story about the infernal family, which won millions of hearts around the world. Addams' daughter - a girl named Wednesday (Wednesday Addams) - will fall in love with an ordinary boy. How her relatives will react to this, as well as the boy’s family, and what will come of it will be Ukrainian viewers will be able to see as early as April.

The production is being performed by a Lithuanian production group, which included the director Kestutis Stasys Jakstas, the art director Gintaras Makarevichus and the ballet master Dainius Bervingis. Mr. Yakstas has experience in working with Semeyka at the Kaunas State Drama Theater. Each time the performance is sold out and gathers a full audience. The director is confident that Ukrainian theater-goers will also fall in love with this musical.

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