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Why should you go to the play Family dinner?

1. To be surprised by the ingenuity of people who are about to be clothed in lies
2. Laugh at awkward and funny situations involving the main characters
3. To guess, than to end such an unusual "family" dinner

What do you imagine when you hear the phrase "family dinner"? Probably a large table, covered with a white tablecloth, behind which the head of the family, the children, is sitting, and his wife is serving dinner, lovingly looking at the breadwinner? Not this time!

"Family dinner" by Mark Kamoletti is surprisingly far from this ideal picture. Intrigues, lies, entangled heroes in their feelings are only a small part of the plot of the play, which everyone is eagerly awaiting on the stage of the National Academic Theater of Russian Drama.

The wife is going to her mum for the weekend ... So why not arrange a celebration of body and soul? Of course, to invite a mistress to your home is not the best idea, but you will not have to spend again on a restaurant and hotel. Careful preparation, a festively laid table and unexpected plans are spoiled by an unexpected guest - a friend who decided to look at the light. All would be nothing, but the wife, having seen about the arrival of the subject not indifferent to her, drastically changes plans and also returns home. So, at the table was formed not just a love triangle, but a whole quadrangle. And every "corner" begins sincere, talented and with full dedication ... to lie! What will end such a dinner, it is unknown. But in any case, watching the attempts of the main characters to somehow shield themselves will be very, very fun.

The roles are played by: B. Voznyuk, N. Kudrya, T. Nazarova, Yu. Grebelnik, S. Moskvin, A. Grinchak, E. Chervonenko, and A. Varpahovskaya, N. Kondratovskaya, A. Getmansky, V. Rashchuk.

The duration of the performance "Family Dinner" is 2 hours and 20 minutes. A comedy in two acts.


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