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Family dinner

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Why should you go to the Family Dinner performance?

  1. To marvel at the ingenuity of people who are about to be exposed in lies
  2. Laugh at awkward and funny situations involving the main characters
  3. To guess, than to end such an unusual "family" dinner

What do you imagine when you hear the phrase "family dinner"? Probably a large table covered with a white tablecloth, at which the head of the family, children, and the wife are serving dinner, looking at the breadwinner in love? Only not this time!

Mark Camoletti's "Family Dinner" is surprisingly far from this ideal picture. Intrigues, lies, tangled in the feelings of the heroes - only a small part of the plot of the play, which everyone is looking forward to on the stage of the National Academic Drama Theater.

The wife is going to her mother's for the weekend... So why not arrange a holiday for body and soul? Of course, inviting your lover to your home is not a good idea, but you won't have to spend money on a restaurant and hotel again. Careful preparation, festively laid table, and suddenly the plans are spoiled by an unexpected guest - one who decided to look at the fire. Everything would be fine, but the wife, having learned about the arrival of the subject she cares about, abruptly changes her plans and also returns home. So, not just a love triangle was formed at the table, but a whole quadrangle. And every "corner" begins to lie sincerely, talentedly and with full commitment... It is not known how such a dinner will end. But in any case, it will be very, very fun to watch the efforts of the main characters to somehow protect themselves.

The roles are performed by: B. Vozniuk, N. Kudrya, T. Nazarova, Yu. Grebelnik, S. Moskvin, A. Grinchak, Ye. Chervonenko, as well as A. Varpakhovskaya, N. Kondratovskaya, A. Hetmanskyi, V. Rashchuk.

Age limit - 16+

Spectators younger than the indicated age are not allowed to the events

Entry to the hall for spectators after the start of the event is prohibited.

ℹ️ Useful information:

🧸 Children up to 5 years old are free only for children's daytime performances.
✅ Spectators from 14 years of age are allowed to the performances without adult accompaniment.
🛡️ In the event of an air alarm: if the air alarm sounded before the start, visitors must vacate the theater premises, the administrators will direct the audience to the nearest shelter (Tetralna station). if the alarm did not last, then after its end, the performance will start after 20 minutes. If the alarm is in the middle of the event, the show is stopped, the theater employees take the audience out of the theater building - the Teatralna metro station is located next to the theater, if the alarm is short-lived (up to 40 minutes), the show can be continued after the alarm ends.


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