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The play "Stalkers" in Kyiv. Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater presents an unusual production of "Stalkers".

Why is it worth going to the performance "Stalkers" in Kyiv?

1. The genre of a specific comedy is a guarantee of vivid impressions.
2. The interweaving of myth and reality, giving rise to unusual experiences.
3. Brilliant acting.

The performance "Stalkers" in Kyiv

We invite you to the Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater to stage a specific comedy "Stalkers" based on the play by the Ukrainian playwright Pavel Arie "At the beginning and at the end of time". The performance, combining fiction and reality, draws the viewer into the plot from the first minutes and does not let go.

A specific comedy at the Drama and Comedy Theater

"Stalkers" is a production that cannot be described in a nutshell. But those who have already seen the play will confirm: the work is powerful and worth your attention.

"Stalkers" is about that strange metro line that spins time in circles... These are people living in the gray zone - strange and forgotten.

Come and try to penetrate the complex inner world of the eccentric woman Prisi, separating the radioactive humor from the truth of life.

The performance was awarded the Kyiv Pectoral Prize in 2015.

Director – Stas Zhyrkov.
Actors – Irma Vitovska, Vitalina Bibliv, Vladyslav Pysarenko, Oleksii Nahrudnyi.

The language of the performance is Ukrainian.

Duration – 2 hours 20 minutes, with intermission.

Attention: the show uses profanity.

Where to buy tickets for the performance "Stalkers" in Kyiv?

You can choose convenient seats in the hall and get tickets for the performance "Stalkers" at the Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater online at

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29 September 2020 19:00

Kyiv, Kyiv Theater of Drama and Comedy on the left bank of the Dnipro

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