In jazz, only girls, or Sugar

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The production of a comedy-romantic story about love, friendship, creativity, money, thirst for life, talented people and willpower is extremely relevant for Ukrainian society.

Events unfold in the USA of the 30s of the twentieth century. During the period of the great depression, economic crises, total unemployment, the prosperity of corruption and banditry (the era of gangsters and jazz), cultural figures are forced to earn not only their own talent, but also wherever they have to. The themes that pop up in the play resemble pictures of modern life in Ukraine (except the words of the heroes of the play are relevant: "Mi vinnі m'yasniku, vinnі volsnik. Light, gas, heat - everything is turned on. Like being hungry for hunger, you know, to serve the mystery ...").

Two best musician friends travel from Chicago to Florida in search of work and a better life. One night - and they are on the sunny ocean in Miami among the beauties of a female jazz band. Everything here speaks of love, here you want to fall in love and fall in love. Truly, a paradise for men, if not for ... holes in their pockets, furious gangsters following the trail, and women's shoes on men's legs.

“Sugar, or Only Girls in Jazz” from the National Operetta will sound interesting and in a new way . Spectators are waiting for an unforgettable original production, full of creative directorial decisions, juicy humor and scenographic innovations. Witty, dynamic, intriguing, incendiary musical will prove:> everyone has a chance to change themselves and the world around for the better!

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