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This winter holidays don’t miss the most impressive show «Vartovi Mriy»! It’s an amazing choreographic performance with the newest special effects produced by the biggest TV-channel of Ukraine STB and StarLight Entertainment.

Take care in advance about the meeting of your child with a real Santa Claus! Before or after the "Vartovikh Mriy" look into his Residence - there are only 60 places!

Talented dancers, acrobats, gymnasts - finalists of popular television talent shows will once again gather on one stage. And modern 3D-technologies will allow each viewer to plunge into the magic of a good Christmas fairy tale.

The main choreographer of the show this year was Evgeniy Kot - superfinalist of the show "Dancing with the Stars". Eugene will also perform on the stage the role of the main villain - the Dragon. The idea of "Vartovi Mriy" belongs to the director Konstantin Tomilchenko and the director of the creative association STB Tala Prystaetska.

"This is the best dance performance with elements of 3D, which was staged in Ukraine," said Evgeniy Kot. - I heard a lot of enthusiastic reviews from people who visited Christmas shows abroad. Moreover, some of our foreign colleagues can not believe that the show was produced in Ukraine! And this is actually the case: we ourselves came up with this fairy tale and its heroes, developed the scenery and special effects. " This is the story about homeless boy named Max, who meets magical Cat on Christmas Eve. Cat is the Keeper of the Dream. Together they guard the magic star. If they fail the evil Dragon will ruin the Christmas. Along the way, they meet good Fairies and braveRogatigrs who help them keep the star from the villain.

The soundtrack to Vartovi Mriy was written by Dmitry Shurov, musician and soloist of Pianoboy. The main role is played by 11-year-old Nikita Malaki (So you think you can dance -9) and 12-year-old Vlad Svyat (finalist "Ukraine’s got talent."). Young artists in turn will embody on the stage the image of the protagonist Max.

Hollywood plastic make-up, costumes decorated with Swarovski stones, unique decorations and the newest special effects will give you a real New Year mood! Also you can buy a VIP-ticket and enjoy the show from the most convenient places in the VDNG Concert Hall and afterwards stand to the stage. The creators of the show will conduct an exciting excursion for you, introduce you and take pictures on stage with the characters of the show. You will see hidden mechanisms that rotate the scene, plunge into the magic of creating special effects and you will be able to communicate with artists and learn some of their secrets. In the end creators of the show will give you a nice gift.

3D show "Vartovi Mriy" will be held till January 21 in the Concert hall of VDNG (Akademika Glushkov Ave., 1).

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