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Why should go to the concert "TNMK"?

1. Exclusive acoustic program
2. Best hits of TNMK without extra attributes - only music.
3. Get a charge of spring mood.

TNMK with an exclusive acoustic program

The group TNMK has long received the people's love of the Ukrainian public. Melodious hip-hop, Fozzie’s famous recitative, Fagot’s mad energy and texts full of satire and faith in a bright future. Over the years of its existence, the team experimented many times with the sound, the team members presented their solo projects, performed with a symphony orchestra and lit the best halls and festival venues of Ukraine. However, no special effects can replace open communication with the public and the chamber atmosphere of acoustic concerts.

Fans have long understood that the acoustics of TNMK - this is real magic, which has no analogues. Bassoon and Fozzy equally skillfully succeed in both getting thousands of crowds at festivals and penetrating deeply into the heart of each listener at the frank "home apartment".

Tickets for acoustic concerts of the team in Kiev were sold out in a matter of days, so we recommend you to hurry - the number of tickets is limited.

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