Diesel Show "Nadikha in the spring"

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Diesel Show with the program "Nadikha in the spring" in Kiev. February 21 and 22 in the Palace of Ukraine in Kiev will be held Diesel Show "Nadikha in the spring."

Why is it worth going to the Diesel Show "Nadikha in the Spring" in Kiev?

1. Priceless live communication with your favorite artists.
2. A completely new program that is truly inspiring and positively charged.
3. Excellent humor and stunning numbers from the main humorous project of the country.

Diesel Show "Nadikha spring" in Kiev

On February 21 and 22, the Diesel Show will host large concerts at the Ukraine Palace. Your attention - the new program "Nadikha in the spring." Come in a big company and be inspired by the spring mood with your favorite comedians!

Make a pleasant and truly original gift to your friends, family, loved one - it will be a ticket to the concert of the inimitable “Diesel Show”!

“Nadihє in the spring”: Diesel Shows quench the audience’s humorous appetites

In anticipation of spring and in order to avoid seasonal vitamin deficiency, depression, spleen and other troubles, we recommend: take the "Diesel Show" at least once every quarter. There are no restrictions. The tool is reliable and proven!

In February, your favorite artists will present their new concert program, “Nadikha in the Spring.” By ordering tickets today, you are guaranteed to reduce the waiting time for spring.

The concert will delight in fresh rooms. Bright jokes about the upcoming March 8 are promised.

On the stage are brilliant and very funny Yegor Krutogolov, Victoria Bulitko, Alexander Berezhok, Yana Glushchenko, Evgeny Gashenko, Evgeny Smorigin, Dmitry Tankovich, Marusya Gritsuk, Evgeny Nikishin and Sergey Pisarenko. There will be dances, songs, jokes and - only on the most lively topics. Although here you can temporarily forget about politics and just have a good rest and sincerely laugh.

Meet the spring with the Diesel Show!

Where to buy tickets for the Diesel Show with the program "Nadikha in the spring" in Kiev?

You can order tickets for the Diesel Show concert with the “Nadikha Vesnoyu” program at the Ukraine Palace in Kiev on Concert.ua. See the full poster of Kiev and choose interesting events!

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