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VIÑO performance in Kyiv. The Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater presents an extraordinary production VIÑO.

Why should you go to the VIÑO performance in Kyiv?

  1. Experience the impact of physical theater firsthand.
  2. Dissolve in the magic of movements, symbols, sensations.
  3. Be inspired by the talent of bright actors.

An unusual performance by VIÑO in Kyiv

We invite you to the Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater for the production of VIÑO by the Belarusian director Yevhen Kornyag. The extraordinary format of physical theater - new bright impressions and priceless experience.

The Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater introduces the genre of physical theater

Thanks to Yevhen Kornyag's amazing production, the audience will easily grasp a new genre for him. Come and feel at home in the physical theater. Where there are few words, symbols and body language come into play.

Each story is characterized by a clear "sound" - in rhythms, gestures, signs. Surprisingly, movement can sometimes express incredibly fragile and complex concepts.

And why wine? - Well, after all, they say, you can fill loneliness. Or not?..

  • Director - Yevhen Korniag (Belarus).
  • Actors - Anastasia Pustovit, Vladyslav Pisarenko, Dmytro Solovyov, Kateryna Savenkova, Liliya Yatsenko and others.
  • The language of the play is Ukrainian.
  • Duration - 1 hour 30 minutes, without intermission.

The performance includes scenes of nudity and smoking.

Where to buy tickets to the VIÑO performance in Kyiv?

Order tickets for the VIÑO performance at the Kyiv Drama and Comedy Theater on the Concert.ua website. E-tickets and tickets with delivery are available.