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VIÑO performance in Kiev. The Kiev Drama and Comedy Theater presents an extraordinary production of VIÑO.

Why is it worth going to the VIÑO performance in Kiev?

1. First-hand experience the influence of physical theater.
2. Dissolve in the magic of movements, symbols, sensations.
3. Inspire the talent of bright actors.

Unusual performance VIÑO in Kiev

We invite you to the Kiev Drama and Comedy Theater to stage the VIÑO of the Belarusian director Yevgeny Kornyag. The extraordinary format of the physical theater is new vivid impressions and invaluable experience.

Kiev Drama and Comedy Theater introduces the genre of physical theater

Thanks to the amazing production of Eugene Kornyag, the viewer will easily perceive a new genre for him. Come and feel yourself in the territory of the physical theater. Where words are few, symbols and body language take over.

Each story is characterized by a clear "sound" - in rhythms, gestures, signs. Surprisingly, movement can sometimes express incredibly fragile and complex concepts.

Why wine? “Well, because they say they can replace loneliness.” Or not?..

Director - Evgeny Kornyag (Belarus).
Actors - Anastasia Pustovit, Vladislav Pisarenko, Dmitry Soloviev, Ekaterina Savenkova, Lilia Yatsenko and others.
The language of the performance is Ukrainian.
Duration - 1 hour 30 minutes, without intermission.

The performance contains scenes of nudity and smoking.

Where to buy tickets for the VIÑO performance in Kiev?

Order tickets for the VIÑO performance at the Kiev Drama and Comedy Theater on Electronic tickets and tickets with delivery are available.

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