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The musical “After Two Hares” from the National Operetta is an unexpected, new, creative reading of the well-known Russian comedy based on the play by M. Staritsky.

Love or money? Poor beauty or haughty rich woman? And what to do with debts? Favorable marriage will fix things, and the stupid Pronya herself suggests. But who asked the liar Golohvostogo so boldly and brazenly to look after another — beautiful, kind, and in love with another Galya? After all, who wants to catch two birds with one stone ... will surely laugh the viewers of the National Operetta to tears.

In order to amaze and surprise the public, the theater took decisive steps: the text of the play was modernized, the author’s musical score was enhanced with 15 arrangements, gopak from the ballet “Gayane” by Aram Khachaturian was added, the famous “Flight of the Bumblebee” by N. Rimsky-Korsakov was added, “included” the inner voice of Golohvostogo, awakening along with the conscience of the main character and evaluating all his intentions.

After the premiere, the media wrote: “... if, for the entertainment of the viewer, you need to take the caricature corps de ballet of Jewish lenders in Saturday attire onto the stage - please. Making the maid Khimka imitate a striptease with a mop - no problem! But the main thing is that the idea of tasteless petty-bourgeois life is made with refined taste. ”

The musical “After Two Hares” is rightfully one of the best works of the National Operetta, proof of which is the permanent sold out.

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