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A dog lived for himself

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The musical performance "A dog lived..." in Kyiv will be held at the Kyiv Opera and Ballet Theater for children and youth.

Why is it worth going to the theater to see the play "A Dog Lived..." in Kyiv?

  1. A spectacular musical based on the plot of a popular cartoon.
  2. An unsurpassed acting embodiment of the colorful images of the heroes of the famous story.
  3. A wonderful vacation for the whole family.

Bright musical "Lived a dog..." in Kyiv

"A dog lived..." is a spectacular and interesting musical performance based on the plots of the Ukrainian folk tale "Sirko" and the favorite cartoon of several generations. The musical was created by:
  • composer Volodymyr Nazarov;
  • the author of the libretto is Petro Maga;
  • arranged by Volodymyr Kononchuk.

The legendary song "Oh, there on the mountain", healthy humor and educational content of the performance

A beautiful musical with bright scenery will immediately immerse the viewer in the magical world of the Ukrainian village, full of original color. Here lives the same glorious dog Brovko, who became old and useless to his owners and ended up on the street. Despite some sad details, the musical lifts the mood, teaches kindness and mutual assistance. Beautiful melodies, bright humor, lively songs create a light atmosphere for a pleasant rest. The duration of the performance is 1 hour 30 minutes. Recommended for viewers from 3 to 103 years old)

Where to buy tickets for the play "A dog lived..." in Kyiv?

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