Meet the culinary star:

We present the appetizing, delicious and juicy CONCERT Burger by the STAR Burger restaurant.

Only by the end of February, for each e-ticket from, you will receive a Certificate for any Kyiv event, which allows you to order the set "CONCERT BURGER" for only 99 UAH instead 219 hryvnas.

The "CONCERT BURGER" SET includes:

  • STARfries to choose from (thin, thick or chips)
  • Cole Slaw Salad

How to use the Certificate?

1. By 2019 February 28 to each e-ticket from to any event that will take place in Kiev you'll get one Certificate (you will receive it by email with the tickets).

2. Print out the certificate and apply at any of the STAR Burger restaurant when ordering "CONCERT BURGER" SET - the price will be 99UAH only instead of the usual 219 UAH.

3. One Certificate gives the right to purchase the "CONCERT BURGER" SET for 99UAH.

4. "CONCERT BURGER" SET is not for take away.

5. The Certificate is valid till 2019 February 28

As simple as that. You get more with
Bon appetit and good impressions!