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Louis Tomlinson

About the artist


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Louis Tomlinson is a British singer, member of the popular boy band One Direction. Now the collective has a creative break, so Louis is engaged in a solo career.


In 2020, the first studio album of Louis Tomlinson was released.

Many characters inspired the musician to create the album: Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys), Amy Winehouse, the ideologist of The Streets project Mike Skinner... The Wall album is 12 songs about the feelings and emotions of an ordinary guy. There is a place for doubts and fears, but also an important message: do not be afraid of obstacles and live your life to the full!

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His musical history began on "The X Factor" show, where the performer did not immediately become number one: star mentors combined him into a pop band with other participants.

Today, with his talent and capacity for work, he proved that he was worthy of the main artist on the stage! He also performed with Steve Aoki at the legendary Ultra Music Festival in Miami with their joint track Just Hold On.

A beautiful male voice, pleasant music and compositions that fall right in the heart – this is all Louis Tomlinson!