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Olya Polyakova

About the artist


Olya Polyakova - photo №1 Olya Polyakova
Olya Polyakova - photo №2 Olya Polyakova афіша

Olya Polyakova - super blonde and pop diva of the Ukrainian scene, TV host, actress and simply the most touring singer of the domestic show business.

Olya Polyakova - star blonde of Ukrainian pop

From the unpretentious songs "Shlepki", "Lyuli", "Byvshyi" to the megahit "Led tronulsya" and the triumphal grand show "Koroleva Nochi", which gathered a full house in the Kyiv Sports Palace! The scandalous and talented singer does not pay attention to the haters and continues to amaze her audience. And it works: every day, popularity only grows, and the number of fans - soars up!

The songs of the main super blonde Ukraine become absolute blockbusters, occupy top positions on the radio and music charts. A bright and bold clips, reminiscent of branded short films, gaining millions of views on YouTube.

Polyakova is the nominee for many popular music awards, the winner of "Golden Gramophone" nomination from the M1 Music Awards 2017 and the Most Beautiful Woman according to the version of "ViVA! The most beautiful" 2018 from the magazine of the same name.

Show concerts of Polyakova

The performances of Olya Polyakova are grandiose shows with high-quality special effects, amazing tricks and bold dance performances. Separate attention worthy of carefully thought-out images and, of course, hats, which have become the chip of the singer. To attend a solo concert is a must have for anyone who appreciates a truly large-scale and colorful show!

By the way, on October 26, 2019, due to numerous requests from fans, the singer will repeat the grand show “Koroleva Nochi” in the capital's Sports Palace! This will be the final concert in the All-Ukrainian stadium tour.

The last performance caused a stir and became one of the most high-profile musical events in the Ukrainian show business! Therefore, we recommend not to delay and buy tickets right now. Sold out here as here!

Follow the billboard of events and do not miss the performances of your favorite performer in your city. It's worth it!

"Led tronulsya!" See you at the concerts of Olya Polyakova!