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Tina Karol

About the artist


Tina Karol - photo №1 Tina Karol
Tina Karol - photo №2 Tina Karol афіша

Tina Karol is a Ukrainian singer, actress and TV presenter, participant of Eurovision 2006, People's Artist of Ukraine. And also the star trainer of "Voice of the Country" and "Voice. Children" on 1+1.

The best hits of Tina Karol

Each song is a personal and sensual story of the singer, which resonates with listeners.

Tina is a musical diva and a recognized standard of beauty and femininity among Ukrainian artists, a nominee and winner of top Ukrainian awards:

  • "Fan Club of the Year", M1 Music Awards 2018;
  • "For contribution to the development of the national industry", M1 Music Awards 2018;
  • "Singer of the Year", YUNA 2018;
  • "People's Artist of Ukraine" 2017;
  • "The Most Beautiful Woman", Viva! The most beautiful 2017;
  • "Clip of the year" ("Wait"), M1 MUSIC AWARDS 2017;
  • "Singer of the Year", M1 MUSIC AWARDS 2017;
  • "Golden Gramophone", M1 Music Awards 2016;
  • "Singer of the year", M1 MUSIC AWARDS 2015;
  • "Singer of the Year", YUNA 2015;
  • winning the Elle Style Awards 2015;
  • "Singer of the Year", YUNA 2014;
  • "The most popular woman of Ukraine" according to Google and Yandex 2013;
  • "Honored Artist of Ukraine" 2008;
  • "Singer of the Year", Ukrainian Music Awards 2008 and 2007.

And this is far from a complete list! But, of course, the sincere love of her loyal fans is even more captivating. Tina's fan club is one of the most powerful in Ukraine, and full halls at concerts are a pleasant regularity. Yes, the artist easily presented 7 solo concerts in a row at the Palace "Ukraine" in Kyiv - an absolute record in the history of Ukrainian music!

Tina Karol's concerts are an inspiration for fans

Tina Karol's concerts are always long-awaited, incredibly stylish and large-scale shows. A charming voice, strong choreography, modern light and sound solutions, favorite hits and new songs in live performance make their way to the ants and do not leave anyone indifferent. All this can be described in one word - love.

The talented singer is not just a favorite of millions, but a muse and inspiration for everyone. The public's love for Tina Karol's work is fantastic and out of bounds. And, which is nice, very mutual. The special magic in the relationship between the audience and Tina is one of the reasons why every concert is a dizzying sell-out.

Do you want to attend the performances of a great artist? Keep an eye on the concert poster and buy tickets in advance. There are always more people willing to attend the live show than there are seats in the hall. And sold out is a matter of technology.

As always, the sooner the better the selection and the better the price.

See you at Tina Karol's concerts!