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Boombox - photo №1 Boombox
Boombox - photo №2 Boombox афіша

From "Melomania" to "The Secret Code". Boombox is one of the most successful and iconic Ukrainian bands, and their songs are a kind of visiting card of Ukranian music.

The success of Boombox

The group regularly produces albums, presents great videos and touring not only Ukraine, but also in Europe, the USA and Canada.

Despite recognition and success, musicians are open to experiments and are constantly creating something new: thus, some of the songs from the last album were recorded at the well-known French studio La Fabrique, where Nick Cave, Radiohead and Rammstein worked.

Packed concert venues are the best proof that Andriy Khlyvniuk and the team are doing everything right! Of course, Boombox is represented annually in top music awards. The recent award - the prize "For special achievements and contribution to Ukrainian music" at the ceremony YUNA 2019.

But the most important victory of the band is the love of the public and dozens of truly legendary musical stories that millions of fans know by heart: Beta-Carotin, Vakhteram, Kvity v volossi, Polina, , "Naked King", "People", "Hold me", "Yours on 100%" and others.

Each composition is a powerful hit at all times!


Boombox Concerts are always high-quality shows, sincere, family atmosphere and, of course, the same tracks from which the ant skin. Here and now. Truly.

And no matter how long the performance will be, it will always be not enough and you will want more. Therefore, we advise you to be wise and not miss band concerts in your city.

One thing is clear: to be part of Boombox show you need to keep your hand on the pulse! Don't miss the announcements of your favorite band and buy early bird tickets - sold out may come any minute.

As always, the sooner the cheaper. The first tickets for fans are sold for the most enjoyable, deliberately low, price.

Meet you at Boombox concerts!