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Diesel show

About the artist


Diesel Show is a modern Ukrainian humorous project, with high television ratings and sold-out concerts.


The history of one of the most popular, kind and funny shows in Ukraine is created by talented actors and actresses Diesel Show: Yegor Krutogolov, Alexander Berezhok, Yana Glushchenko, Victoria Bulitko, Evgeny Smorigin, Evgeny Gashenko, Sergey Pisarenko, Evgeny Nikishin, Maxim Nelipa and others.

The performances of “Diesels” are a powerful burst of humor that cannot be resisted! And the program of the show is not just a list of jokes or rehearsed miniatures, but something more :

  • unexpected tandems;
  • musical numbers;
  • multimedia surprises;
  • communication with the public in the hall.

Names and surnames - who are they? Admit it, it becomes interesting who so expertly creates a celebration on stage and collects thousands of views on YouTube! Despite the hype, there are no stars in the project, and each member of the Diesel Show is an important part of the team.

What is happening on the stage responds to the audience: some recognize themselves in the stories, others - their relatives or friends, neighbors. Here they laugh at failures and, with philosophical irony, touch on topics close to everyone. They do not demonstrate a fictional “picture”, but share real emotions and feelings of ordinary people.


See the poster of the team’s performances and buy tickets for a concert in your city! Artists of the Diesel Show are loved by fans of different ages, so the sold-out for their performances is a familiar thing.

The Concert.ua website contains all the necessary information: dates and times of performances, venues, auditorium schemes and the cost of all categories of tickets. You can issue a ticket in a couple of minutes: online or with courier delivery.

Fatigue has accumulated or just want to escape from workdays? We heartily recommend spending a couple of hours in the company of theater actors under the name Diesel Show! At their concerts you forget about everything: just laugh and fill with positive emotions.

No excuses: come with family or friends. See you at the Diesel Show!