Maria Zankovetska Theatre: schedule and tickets

The Maria Zankovetska National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater in Lviv is one of the oldest theaters in Ukraine. Located on the Lesi Ukrainky st., 1.

The repertoire of the Maria Zankovetska Theatre in Lviv includes classical works and modern plays. Performances of classical drama, both domestic and foreign, are regularly shown here. The wide creative range and professionalism of the theater troupe attract a large audience and collect full houses.

The building was built in the 19th century by the famous philanthropist Stanislav Skarbek, who decided to create the largest "Melpomene Temple" in Europe. The area of the building of the Drama Theater in Lviv takes a whole quarter, which is amazing even the avid theatergoers.

At the theater, at all times, the best directors and actors worked. Thanks to the professionalism of the troupe, the Lviv Drama Theater has earned a serious reputation. Now on the stage you can see many famous folk and honored artists of Ukraine. Even in the face of fierce competition, this place holds leadership thanks to its wide repertoire.

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Lviv, Lesi Ukrainky St, 1

Closest events

Sweet Daria 07 September 19:00, Mon Sweet Daria Lviv, Maria Zankovetska Theatre from 5.67 EUR Sweet Daria Don't wish 07 September Sweet Daria Maria Zankovetska Theatre Buy Odyn v kanoe 14 September 19:00, Mon Odyn v kanoe Lviv, Maria Zankovetska Theatre from 18 EUR Odyn v kanoe Don't wish 14 September Odyn v kanoe Maria Zankovetska Theatre Buy Solomon in skirt 21 September 19:00, Mon Solomon in skirt Lviv, Maria Zankovetska Theatre from 9.67 EUR Solomon in skirt Don't wish 21 September Solomon in skirt Maria Zankovetska Theatre Buy Girl's Evening 23 November 19:00, Mon Girl's Evening Lviv, Maria Zankovetska Theatre from 9.67 EUR Girl's Evening Don't wish 23 November Girl's Evening Maria Zankovetska Theatre Buy