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Zwyntar - photo №1 Zwyntar
Zwyntar - photo №2 Zwyntar афіша
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Formation of a band

ZWYNTAR is a modern Ukrainian dark country band from Kyiv, founded by musicians Eric and Ivory in 2015. The idea of combining dark depressive country music with Ukrainian folk style of singing and lyrics came to Eric, who at that time already had the experience of participating in the first domestic dark cabaret band. So, to all that is usually called American gothic, Eric added a banjo and immediately outlined for himself the creative direction of the new band.

An original collective that has occupied its niche in Ukrainian music

Today, the ZWYNTAR arsenal includes the EP "Sin", the full-length album "Dead Voices" and a number of singles. The band's creativity is a special combination of the characteristic sound of the banjo with the atmospheric creaking of a washboard and exotica such as shot hats, dead people and monsters, dirty roads. In all this, the Ukrainian folklore archaic takes its important place. The "trick" of ZWYNTAR is that they talk about specific things in an unusual language, while getting an amazing result. And don't be intimidated by the themes of death and creepy imagery in ZWYNTAR's songs: their songs are straight-up "cool comic book westerns."




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