Drama Theater. I. Kochergi: schedule and tickets

Zhytomyr Regional Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after Ivan Kocherga is the regional Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater in the city of Zhytomyr, the main theater scene of the Zhytomyr Region.

The theater is located in a specially constructed room in the very center (on the central square) of Zhytomyr at the address: pl. Cathedral, 6.
The large functional structure of the theater has a large and small auditoriums, rehearsal and service premises. The theater director is Natalia Rostova, artistic director is Natalia Timoshkina.

Zhytomyr has a long theatrical tradition. At the end of the 18th century, the public of the city repeatedly raised the issue of building a room for a stationary theater. The city became one of the few in which theaters already existed at the beginning of the 19th century — already in 1809, the first stationary theater building was founded in Zhytomyr on the initiative of the Volynsk governor M. I. Kurburya. In 1858, the first stone theater in Ukraine was built, which today is an ornament of the city’s architecture (now the regional state philharmonic is located here). This room, in particular, remembers the famous actors M. Kropivnitskogo, M. Zankovetskaya, V. Komissarzhevskaya, A. Olaridge, P. Viardo, who was heard here by the eminent writer Ivan Turgenev.

Zhitomir, square Cathedral, 6