Drama and Comedy Theater. Schepkina, Events and tickets

Sumy Regional Drama and Music Comedy Theatre named after Mikhail Shchepkin – one of the oldest theaters in eastern Ukraine. It is located in the city center on Teatralna square, 1.

The theater was founded in 1933 and has undergone many changes over the long history of its existence. In 2012, the Shchepkin Drama Theater received academic status. At the same time, the overhaul of the building started, and in 2016, the renewed space was opened for cultural events. Visitors can comfortably stay in a modern hall with 101 seats.

The schedule of the Shchepkin Drama Theater presents events of various genres: dramatic performances and comedy productions. Visitors can listen to classical and modern music performed by a symphony orchestra. Spectacular performances are held by the Dance Theater «Prestyzh».

Modern sound and lighting equipment of the Shchepkin Theater in Sumy allows for large-scale regional and state events. The repertoire also includes ballet evenings, which are held in the lobby of the building.

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Sumy, square Theater 1