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Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ
Mykolaiv, Bohoiavlenskyi Ave, 39а


Konotop Witch 22 April 18:00, Mon Konotop Witch Mykolaiv, Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ from 200 ₴ Konotop Witch Don't wish 22 April Konotop Witch Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ Buy SHUMEI 23 April 18:00, Tue SHUMEI Mykolaiv, Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ from 350 ₴ SHUMEI Don't wish 23 April SHUMEI Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ Buy Max Barskih 28 April 18:00, Sun Max Barskih Mykolaiv, Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ from 750 ₴ Max Barskih Don't wish 28 April Max Barskih Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ Buy Sviatoslav VAKARCHUK. Charity evening-concert 27 May 18:00, Mon Sviatoslav VAKARCHUK. Charity evening-concert Mykolaiv, Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ from 850 ₴ Sviatoslav VAKARCHUK. Charity evening-concert Don't wish 27 May Sviatoslav VAKARCHUK. Charity evening-concert Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ Buy DANTES 07 June 18:00, Fri DANTES Mykolaiv, Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ from 570 ₴ DANTES Don't wish 07 June DANTES Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ Buy Maxim Borodin 27 June 19:00, Thu Maxim Borodin Mykolaiv, Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ from 250 ₴ Maxim Borodin Don't wish 27 June Maxim Borodin Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ Buy MAX BARSKIH 30 June 18:00, Sun MAX BARSKIH Mykolaiv, Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ from 690 ₴ MAX BARSKIH Don't wish 30 June MAX BARSKIH Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ Buy


Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ - photo №1 Концерт-хол Юність
Kontsert-Khol Yunistʹ - photo №2 Концерт-хол Юність афіша
Yunist Concert Hall is a modern leisure center in Mykolayiv, which opened on the site of the cinema of the same name in 2013. The facility is located next to the main highway of the city at 39-A Bogoyavlensky Avenue.

The musical life that flourishes within the walls of the concert hall encompasses the most diverse tastes of the listeners. Stars of chanson, pop music, rock, hip-hop bands appear on the stage. Each event attracts the attention of online and print media, which publish photo reports of concerts on their first pages. Among the prominent personalities and groups that performed at the Youth Concert Hall were satirist Les Poderviansky, stand-up comedian Ilya Sobolev, bands DakhaBrakha, NENSI, Lyapis-98 and many others.

Fans of artists are also usually very active, so it is better to book tickets for popular events in advance.

Among the events in the poster of the Youth Concert Hall:
  • concerts of domestic artists and groups, as well as guests from abroad;
  • performances of artists in the genre of stand up;
  • theatrical and circus performances;
  • evenings of symphonic and pop music;
  • forums, creative meetings;
  • tribute show of world stars and more.
The concert hall seats up to 900 spectators and is equipped with modern lighting and sound equipment.

Where to buy tickets for the event in the Youth Concert Hall in Nikolaev?

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