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Zhang and the Dogs 22 November 19:00, Fri Zhang and the Dogs Kyiv, ATLAS from 13.33 EUR Zhang and the Dogs Don't wish 22 November Zhang and the Dogs ATLAS Buy Komissiya 23 November 19:00, Sat Komissiya Kyiv, River Port from 5 EUR Komissiya Don't wish 23 November Komissiya River Port Buy The Viper Brothers 03 December 20:00, Tue The Viper Brothers Kyiv, CARIBBEAN club from 13 EUR The Viper Brothers Don't wish 03 December The Viper Brothers CARIBBEAN club Buy Kozhaniy Olen 07 December 19:00, Sat Kozhaniy Olen Kyiv, ATLAS from 11.67 EUR Kozhaniy Olen Don't wish 07 December Kozhaniy Olen ATLAS Buy Pornofilmy 02 February 19:00, Sun Pornofilmy Kyiv, Bingo from 16.67 EUR Pornofilmy Don't wish 02 February Pornofilmy Bingo Buy Louna 22 February 19:00, Sat Louna Kyiv, ATLAS from 16.33 EUR Louna Don't wish 22 February Louna ATLAS Buy Cockroaches 23 February 19:00, Sun Cockroaches Odessa, Stal`kanat Art from 11.67 EUR Cockroaches Don't wish 23 February Cockroaches Stal`kanat Art Buy Northern Fleet. Acoustics 23 February 19:30, Sun Northern Fleet. Acoustics Kyiv, ATLAS from 11.67 EUR Northern Fleet. Acoustics Don't wish 23 February Northern Fleet. Acoustics ATLAS Buy Cockroaches 28 February 19:00, Fri Cockroaches Kyiv, ATLAS from 15 EUR Cockroaches Don't wish 28 February Cockroaches ATLAS Buy Kozak System  29 February 19:00, Sat Kozak System "Scammers in Love" Kyiv, ICCA OCTOBER PALACE from 11.67 EUR Kozak System  Don't wish 29 February Kozak System "Scammers in Love" ICCA OCTOBER PALACE Buy Bondage Fairies 07 March 19:00, Sat Bondage Fairies Kyiv, MonteRay Live Stage from 11.67 EUR Bondage Fairies Don't wish 07 March Bondage Fairies MonteRay Live Stage Buy