31 August 2019, Sat. 20:00
from 10.00 EUR
from 10.00 EUR
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On August 31, the group LATEXFAUNA will play a concert on the beach of the Club of the Southern Coast of Ukraine on Trukhanov Island.

"On Saturday evening, we invite everyone with us to say goodbye to summer in the arms of the sunset rays of the summer sun, holding our favorite cocktails and dancing on the sand," say the musicians.

Previously, LATEXFAUNA performed three times at the Atlas Club, where each time it was sold out, and the club itself was packed to capacity.

"Many people did not have time to buy tickets and wrote to us so that we were already looking for a bigger area. And there should be enough space for everyone on the spacious and cozy beach of the South Coast of Crimea."

A big bonus for all visitors will be a further club party, which will be free for all those who have bought tickets for the LATEXFAUNA concert.