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About the artist


Latexfauna is a popular Ukrainian dream-pop band, founded in 2015.

Creativity of the collective is distinguished by a special combination of the Ukrainian language and juicy surzhik.

The band's first studio album, called Ajahuaska, entered the Ukrainian album chart iTunes Top-100 and received approval on Aristocrats radio.

Latexfauna have won the title of bright representatives of new Ukrainian music and now the name of the band is increasingly appearing in the lists of headliners of top music festivals.

The story of the rapid success of Latexfauna

Surzhik-pop band - so often called Latexfauna - already in 2016 appeared on the big stage of the festival "Republic". In the same year, the musicians played the first solo album, having only 6 songs to their liking.

But we did not have to wait long for new products. And the tireless and creatively inexhaustible author and performer Dima Zezyulin continued to work "miracles". For example, in 2017, Surfer sang a song with his boys "about deep love, harmony, freedom and enlightenment." The "Malibu-Miami" atmosphere and sound from the 80's did their job and the fourth single went to many connoisseurs of branded surzhik and delicious Latexfauna sound.

It is impossible not to mention the song Delfinam, which is not similar to other works of the band, which was preceded by the beautiful Evpatoria.

When "the most divine rainbows rule over you"

Among Latexfauna's latest masterpieces is the funky song Bounty, named by the band as the anthem of their summer. It's about how "harasho" sometimes happens. Well, just "envious of the rainbows"!

Today, hundreds rush to the band's concerts for the same atmosphere of freedom and love, for casual communication and lyrics that are close and understandable to everyone. According to the brand irony and quality sound.

The current composition of Latexfauna:
  • Dmytro Zezyulin - vocals and lyrics
  • Ilya Sluchanko - guitar
  • Alexander Diman - bass guitar
  • Alexander Milnikov - keyboards
  • Maxim Grebin - drums
Do you want to get a sea of positive and share it with your friends? - Then you have a Latexfauna concert! Find the announcement of the band's performances on the Concert.ua website. And ordering tickets is not a problem at all.





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