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MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM Подію перенесено 05 June 20:00, Fri MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM Kharkov, Stadium Metalist Don't wish 05 June MONATIK: MADE WITH LOVE AND RHYTHM Stadium Metalist Buy Morphine suffering Morphine suffering 12 Events Morphine suffering обмін квитків 19.03 - 31.10.2020 RETURN ME MY 2007 !!! RETURN ME MY 2007 !!! 14 Events RETURN ME MY 2007 !!! 11.04 - 11.09.2020 Hard rock show 08 June 19:00, Mon Hard rock show Kharkov, Theater and concert center from 6.67 EUR Hard rock show Don't wish 08 June Hard rock show Theater and concert center Buy Slava Komissarenko New date 13 August 19:00, Thu Slava Komissarenko Kharkov, from 11.67 EUR Slava Komissarenko Don't wish 13 August Slava Komissarenko Buy IC3PEAK 08 September 19:00, Tue IC3PEAK Kharkov, Art factory Mechanic from 15 EUR IC3PEAK Don't wish 08 September IC3PEAK Art factory Mechanic Buy YUKO 23 September 19:00, Wed YUKO Kharkov, Zhivot from 8.33 EUR YUKO Don't wish 23 September YUKO Zhivot Buy IAMX 30 October 19:00, Fri IAMX Kharkov, Kharkov Regional Philharmonic from 25 EUR IAMX Don't wish 30 October IAMX Kharkov Regional Philharmonic Buy Istochnik 12 November 19:00, Thu Istochnik Kharkov, Zhivot from 11.67 EUR Istochnik Don't wish 12 November Istochnik Zhivot Buy Wildways. New album 19 November 19:00, Thu Wildways. New album Kharkov, Victory Concert Hall from 11 EUR Wildways. New album Don't wish 19 November Wildways. New album Victory Concert Hall Buy MELOVIN 20 November 19:00, Fri MELOVIN Kharkov, Victory Concert Hall from 13.33 EUR MELOVIN Don't wish 20 November MELOVIN Victory Concert Hall Buy Felix Shinder and Money Forward 27 November 20:00, Fri Felix Shinder and Money Forward Kharkov, Art Club Cow from 5 EUR Felix Shinder and Money Forward Don't wish 27 November Felix Shinder and Money Forward Art Club Cow Buy Nothing But Thieves 14 February 20:00, Sun Nothing But Thieves Kharkov, Victory Concert Hall from 36.63 EUR Nothing But Thieves Don't wish 14 February Nothing But Thieves Victory Concert Hall Buy

Concerts in Kharkov

Concerts in Kharkov are varied and versatile, and full concert halls are proof for that all shows of Ukrainian and international artists are awaited by audience with awe and inspiration.

Noisy parties and chamber concerts, large-scale presentations of new albums and warm poetic evenings, the best jazzmen and violinists. There is no place for musical frames here, and even the most demanding viewer will find an event to his or her tastes.

Kharkov events bill

Kharkov events bill can be found online. And this means that the queues at the ticket offices are left in the past. Date and time, scheme of seats and fan zones, a brief description of events and ticket prices are always at hand.

The concert schedules of artists are planned for a long time ahead and concert venues have no tedious time: Art Plant “Mechanica”, Center of Culture, Kharkov Academic Opera and Ballet Theater (KhATOB), Palace of Students, Art Clubs “Korova” and “Zhara” – these locations for concerts in Kharkov are known not only to residents but also guests of the city.

How to buy tickets to the concerts in Kharkov on Concert.ua

An easy task remains: to make a choice and order a ticket. The sooner you make a decision the wider the choice of seats. Confused because of the assortment and need a consultation? Concert.ua support service will be happy to provide guidance concerning all issues.

And when the idea that there are no interesting plans for the weekend creeps in – just look through the events bill and know for sure what kinds of concerts are to be held in Kharkov today and soon.

See you in the concert hall!