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Dmitry Romanov. Stand-Up 01 January 00:00, Sun Dmitry Romanov. Stand-Up Kharkov, ККЗ Украина from 10.18 EUR Dmitry Romanov. Stand-Up Don't wish 01 January Dmitry Romanov. Stand-Up ККЗ Украина Buy
Do you want to cheer yourself up, or better yet, laugh from the heart? Why not! In addition, there are plenty of masters to make people laugh and give positives today.

They are waiting for you in stand-up clubs, in the halls of palaces of culture and even in theaters. These are the ones who have chosen a comedy for themselves and are going through it with their lives. And it doesn't matter if it's a girl or a boy, a respectable mother from the Women's Quarter or a bold freshman from the domestic Comedy - all of them are united by one simple desire: to go on stage and make the audience laugh.

Cheerful, bold, witty comedians and comedians are actively enriching the now popular Stand-up with author's masterpieces. Humor in Kharkiv is confidently sown from time to time:
  • Natalia Garipova
  • Sergey Detkov
  • Bekir Mamediev
  • Andriy Kolmachevsky
  • Mark Sergienko and other bright representatives of the standup
Discover new names and applaud your favorite comedians at concerts in Kharkiv!

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