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Playbill of the theatres in Kharkov

Theatres in Kharkov are not only state institutions, with professional troupes and spacious halls, but also a great number of small, original teams that also attract capacity crowds.

Theatre life of a beloved city suggests a lot of genres:

  • comedy;
  • tragedy;
  • drama;
  • the musical;
  • operetta;
  • extravaganza;
  • opera;
  • ballet.

Each production of the play in Kharkov involves hard work, a lot of decisions, dozens and sometimes hundreds of rehearsals. The thing is it’s not a film, where some poor dialogue or emotion can be hidden behind another take. Everything is real in the theatre. It’s magic winning the heart of even the most demanding viewer.

The Shevchenko Drama Theatre, the Theatre of Musical Comedy, the “Theatre na Zhukah”, the Kharkov Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre (KhATOB), the Theatre of the Young Spectator, the House of Actor and the Puppet Theatre. Sure, the action in any of Kharkov theatres will give you much brighter impressions than the usual evening in a cafe or cinema.

The ornamentation of the interior, the play of actors, costumes and scenery, acoustics – the environment consists of hundreds of details, sometimes invisible to the viewer. And this is the essence: here everything is based on emotions and deep feelings of the audience.

Choosing of the plays in Kharkov

And what would you choose? Performances known as classics or the works of novice directors? To watch the play of honored and people’s artists in one of Kharkov theatres or trust the students – novice actors?

You never know what lies behind one name or another, which story will capture you completely. The only suggestion is to try!

The environment will meet your mood. It is equally comfortable here with close friends and on a romantic date. And a collective visit to the performance in the favourite Kharkov theatre with parents is a perfect family event. Also, your relatives can be presented tickets to one of the shows as a gift.

Don’t miss loud announcements! The repertoire is regularly updated, and tickets for long-awaited premieres and legendary stories from world classics are usually sold within a few minutes.

When you have no time to study all the proposals and the soul strives for art, Kharkov play bill on Concert.ua comes to the rescue. Here you can check the date and time of production, get information about the cast, look through the location of seats in the hall and the cost of tickets. A brief description of each upcoming event is also given to your attention.

How to buy tickets to the theatre in Kharkov on Concert.ua

You can buy a ticket in any comfortable way: online, at the box office or order the courier’s delivery. The purchase on our site ensures the authenticity of the ticket.

Kharkov theatres are the inseparable part of the city culture and a wonderful alternative to common entertainments. Take time for yourself – attend a theatre performance. And what is better, reserve tickets for several events beforehand.

Need a consultation? Our managers will eagerly help you. Just write to us or call to the Concert.ua support service. Be sure you won’t regret.

Come beautiful and happy! See you on the stage!!