22 September 2018, Sat. 19:00
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About event

Why should I go to the play Free Love?

1. A unique performance that no other theater in the world sets, although the story that formed the basis for the play has several well-known films
2. The grandiose work of the actress and director Alexandra Kravchenko, the organizer and head of the theater-studio "Myth" and participants of many other creative projects
3. Already checked: almost two hours of performance for the spectators are held in one breath, as there are many events on the stage, the interlacing of the story lines, it's a detective and a drama in one bottle

Free Love - this topic attracted the attention of creators of all time. What is the nature of Love and what is its price? What is the real Free Love? What can a person sacrifice for the sake of Love and is it worth it to make these sacrifices? Each viewer will find his own answers in the play on these questions.

Romantic melodrama and detective - in one bottle. A woman with the eyes of a giza sphinx and the vampire's scarlet lips, the men are very different, but all are passionate and bright, who one by one leave her life to appear again in the pages of her diary.

The play is based on the story of Valery Bryusov's "The Last Pages of the Diary of a Woman" - a man who studies depth and all the nuances of a mysterious female soul. The more interesting it is to look at the soul of a woman with the eyes and feelings of a man who is often called the emperor of symbolism, and his work reflects the contradictory and emphatically aesthetic modernity. Ambiguous statements of the heroine will "hook" the women and quite surprise the men.

The performance is set taking into account its display for a maximum of 30 spectators, regardless of the size of the auditorium and the number of seats in the hall.

The premiere of the performance took place on June 14, 2018.
The general project with the Kiev fortress.

In the main role - Oleksandra Kravchenko.
The author of the idea, scenography, production and play - Inna Goncharova.
The performance uses the music of Sergei Rachmaninov.

Attention: in the performance there are no obscene lexicon, scenes of sex and violence, however, the play for 18+
Spectators are advised to come in comfortable clothes and with their pillows.
How to find us: entrance from Lesya Ukrainka Boulevard between houses 12 and 14, a horseshoe building, the first door from Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard in a white-yellow-black strip.