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Empire of angels

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Empire of angels in Kyiv is possible thanks to The Armed Forces of Ukraine! Don`t miss 2022-12-02 в 18:00 on the House of Cinema, Kyiv.
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Why is it worth going to the play " The Emperor and I, I 'm a Ngol and in"?

  1. Get an emotional knockdown.
  2. To observe the entanglement of deep philosophy and subtle irony.
  3. Enjoy professional game and modern music.

The well-known play " The Emperor and I , I , I , and I" is well-known .

The "Empire of Angels" production is based on the plot of the famous bestseller book by Bernard Werber. The work itself is called "Ode to Life", "dedicated to modern man". The publication is one of the ten most popular books in the world. The circulation of "Empire of Angels" has already exceeded 10 million copies. And it must be admitted, staging such a masterpiece is not an easy task and requires great courage.

The main character of the play goes to heaven and becomes a guardian angel for three human souls: a subtle and vulnerable French writer, a Slavic boy, homeless and a murderer, and an American girl who later became "Miss Universe". Each of these people has his own path, full of mistakes and temptations. Angel, who does not want to be a bureaucrat, also passes the test. Who decides to break with tradition and dedicates his new life to the service of humanity. What troubles and contradictions await him on this path, what mistakes and victories, you will be able to see in the performance of the "Vizavy" theater. "Empire of Angels" is talented professional actors, excellent direction, a harmonious combination of philosophy and humor. The performance features modern European and American music, as well as classical works by world composers.