4 March 2020, Wed. 19:00
Palace of sports Kyiv, 1 Sports square
from 11.67 EUR
from 11.67 EUR
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About event

KAZKA in Kyiv! March 4 fantastic KAZKA will enchant you from the scene of the Palace of Sports.

Why is it worth going to KAZKA show?

1. Live to hear songs from a new album.
2. To see with your own eyes a bright large-scale KAZKOVE show.
3. Get to NIRVANA tonight with KAZKA.

KAZKA launches new NIRVANA album at the Palace of Sports

The premiere of the KAZKOVOGO show is waiting for Kyiv! Musicians have announced the release of a new NIRVANA album.

What did the band prepare for the fans?

  • KAZKOVA «NIRVANA» is a new release of the Ukrainian sensation, the breakthrough of the year and the music band #1 on the national stage!
  • KAZKOVA «NIRVANA» is a new stage of musical, spiritual and emotional development of the band members.
  • KAZKOVA «NIRVANA» is a collection of tracks, future hits that combine modern beat, folk aesthetics, adult lyrics and the language of love.
  • KAZKOVA «NIRVANA» are emotions multiplied by feelings; these are the stories seen through the eyes of musicians; this is the whole spectrum of our feelings: from love to hatred.
  • KAZKOVA «NIRVANA» is a new stage in the work of the first Ukrainian-speaking group to be in the TOP-10 Global Shazam; a record player among national artists and the top 100 best videos on YouTube.
  • KAZKOVA «NIRVANA» is a new music program that KAZKA will appear on March 4 at the the Palace of Sports.

where to buy tickets for the KAZKA band show?

You can buy tickets to the KAZKA show at Concert.ua online. Or order delivery by courier or pick up on letterhead at our nearest ticket office (these events become unavailable on the eve of the event).