A little prince

9 September 2018, Sun. 19:00
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from 3.81 EUR
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About event

Why is it worth going to the play "The Little Prince"?

1. Remember the most readable after the Bible story.
2. "The Little Prince" is a play about the eternal and imperishable - an amazing story that can not but touch even the most heartbreaking heart
3. Within the walls of the Kiev Fortress, unlike other theatrical venues in Kiev, even in the very hot weather - always a pleasant coolness

"Little Prince" - a unique production, which is often set, each time reveals his wonderful allegorical world in a new way. Little prince, Little Fox and other heroes are already waiting for you!

The story of the Little Prince, who laughed like thousands of bells, and lived on a tiny planet on which only baobabs grew and suddenly a single Rose rose, capricious, obstinate, but beautiful in its immediacy. Having quarreled with Rosa, the Little Prince traveled for a long time, visited various planets, and finally got to Earth, where he learned a lot for himself. The old wise Fox discovered the Prince a new understanding of the World. Perhaps, this simple and touching story does not require additional representation.

This performance is about eternal and timeless. He is close to every person, regardless of age, education and social status.

The little prince from nowhere appeared on the planet Earth amid the vast desert and just as suddenly disappeared from the Earth to laugh from his tiny planet to people - like the millions of bells!

We draw your attention that the play is intended, first of all, for adult children. NOT SHOW AND NOT CHILD SPECTACLE (in the usual sense of this phrase). When staging the play, its authors tried to maximally adhere to the unique literary style of Antoine Saint-Exupery, where each word carries a profound meaning, and the words seem to be threaded on each other. Both children and adults need not only look, but LISTEN, ATTEMPT and THINK.

For family viewing (11+, preferably not younger).

We are waiting for you in the Kiev Fortress, the entrance from Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard between houses 12 and 14 (do not use GPS!). The building in the form of a horseshoe, the first door (in stripes) from the boulevard. Lesia Ukrainka.

Tea is included. The performance is in Ukrainian.

Landing is free, because a huge request to come 10-15 minutes before the start of the performance