Little Prince

12 June 2019, Wed. 19:00
Theater of the young spectator Odessa, Street Grecheskaya, 50
from 2.00 EUR
from 2.00 EUR

About event

The story of the Little Prince, his travels around the planets, the search for love, friendship - the search for his world, his planet, the SELF can and can happen in any class, with any boy or girl, with any teenager. Every young person is a separate planet, and in adolescence, when there is still not much experience, but there is a great desire to change the world, these planets are especially bright, and dreams are especially audacious.

Because in each of us the universes are hidden! .. You can travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers, travel to different countries and continents, even fly and explore space, but find the truth in one glance, in the smile of your child. And you will understand that your travels were worthless, you just ran away from yourself, from the obvious, you were blind. And you will find deep wisdom and truth in ordinary simple things and actions, such as daily cleaning of your home and your thoughts.

In each class, a young person can get acquainted with his Rosa, find his Fox, learn about the existence of the planets of the King, Ambitious, Drunkard, geographer and Lamplighter - and meet them there, in his own class!

Performance based on the fairytale story by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The director of the performance is Janika Koppel (Tallinn), the finalist of the International Competition-Laboratory of Young Directors "Open Doors-2018".

Renewing the evening project "Bedtime Stories!". The age limit is 10+.

Genre - scenes about ordinary space in one action

Age - 10+

Duration 1 hour 20 min. without intermission

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