Max Barskih

29 November 2018, Thu. 20:00
International Exhibition Center Kyiv, 15, Brovarskiy ave
from 18.15 EUR
from 18.15 EUR


About event

Why should go to the concert of Max Barskih?

1. See the new show artist.
2. Find out what the name of the concert "Seven" hides in itself.
3. Surprise - you have never seen anything like that!

Did you know that the lucky number of Max Barskih is seven? Not? Well then, we'll tell you about it. And better not. The singer himself will reveal his secret on November 29, when he presents at the International Exhibition Center the premiere of his new show called "Seven".

Members of the executive team, which is headed by the inimitable Alan Badoev, are in no hurry to disclose the meaning of naming the new program. So the secret of the symbolic number will be revealed in the speech. Although some secrets have already become known: the concert will store seven key elements. And the team of the artist promises that the new show will become even cooler than the superpopular "Mists", who visited this year in more than 15 countries and were praised by critics as "the most spectacular musical event of the year." By the way, American FORBES called Max Barskih "the hottest Russian-speaking performer."

So, very soon, thousands of spectators will be able to become participants in a unique show of a musician who will connect the seven elements in one space of the IEC! Make your heart beat louder and wait for the news from Barskih. After all, it is time to surprise.

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