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MONATIK at Osocor Residence. ART Defense

19 May 2023, Fri. 18:00
Osocor Residence Kyiv, ул. Виноградная 2
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from 34.40 EUR
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About event

MONATIK at Osocor Residence. ART Defense in Kyiv! Don`t miss 2022-08-23 в 18:00 on the Osocor Residence, Kyiv.
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A special event on the eve of the Independence Day of Ukraine at Osocor Residence.

On August 23, there will be a big charity concert "ART Oborona" led by its ideological creator MONATIK. We all want to return, at least in our minds, to the day when our native country and its people did not yet know what war was. They could not distinguish different types of rockets by their sound. They did not sleep in the subway and bomb shelters. We want to go back to the days when we "NOT" many things.

"ART Oborona" is a creative front line that reminds Ukrainians of those happy moments when we all sang our favorite hits in unison, when we smiled and broadcast our values and love to the world through music.

MONATIK is not the first time performing on the Osocor Residence stage. Do you remember that incredible day when even the rain didn't get in our way?
From the first days of the war, the famous artist has been engaged in active educational and volunteer activities, collecting humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian Army, Teroborona and Volunteers not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

In our opinion, every such charity concert in the darkest times of our history is not only a means of helping the country by collecting funds, but also an opportunity to show everyone that the Ukrainian nation is indomitable, which very soon will celebrate the victory over the most brutal terror of the 21st century.

Together to victory.